Technologies for Inclusion

The 5th International Meeting on Technology and Innovation for Persons with Disabilities, a conference that is part of “Rehabilitation Fair + Forum”, to be held from July 31st to August 2nd, 2013, at Anhembi Convention Center, in São Paulo, has as its theme “Assistive Technology in Services to the Public”, providing space for reflection and debate on the significance of applying this area of knowledge to every sectors of our society, whether they are public or private, as a fundamental tool so that persons with disability can enjoy their rights.

Increasing available resources and innovative solutions in the field of mobility, accessible communication, inclusive education, home automation and environmental control, digital accessibility, and architectonic and urban accessibility, besides representing an overwhelming impact on the wellbeing of persons with disabilities – making products and services broadly available in society accessible to everyone – they result in direct benefits and improved quality of life for the society at large.

Since its creation, in 2009, the International Meeting on Technology and Innovation for Persons with Disability has become an important forum for discussions on this subject, fostering technological development in the sector’s production chain, multiplying information channels on assistive products and stimulating research and innovation, as well as subsidizing the elaboration of public policies and strategies that aim at equalizing opportunities for persons with disability.

The event is compounded of an International Seminar and an Exhibition on Innovative Assistive Technologies, gathering speakers and exhibitors from important national and international educational and research institutions, health personnel, government bodies, high technology companies, civil society organizations, the press, and persons with disability and their families. The Exhibition, made up of the most significant Brazilian research and innovation centers, is the result of a partnership with FORTEC – the Brazilian Forum of Innovation and Technology Transfer Managers – and presents innovative solutions that are not yet available at the Brazilian market.

Join us and contribute to and enrich this vital initiative!

Linamara Rizzo Battistella
São Paulo State Secretary for the Rights of the Person with Disability